This site is dedicated to helping you to share your faith in Jesus without sounding weird, pushy or 'religious'.

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  The videos on this site are from my workshop entitled 'Initiating Spiritual Conversations'. I'm sure you'll find the suggestions in them very helpful in starting spiritual conversations and sharing the gospel without the other person feeling like they're being 'preached' to. And, perhaps most importantly, the creative tools you'll learn will take away some of the nervousness we all feel when talking about spiritual things. I've also published a book by the same title, which you can read part of for free and order from Amazon by clicking on the link below.

About me

  My name is Jeff Wilcox and I've been sharing the gospel for over 30 years. During that time, I have found many creative ways of bringing up spiritual things in your normal, everyday conversations without sounding the least bit awkward or out of place.  I've also made every mistake a person can make in sharing my faith in Jesus.  So if you use the tools and principles I present in my book and workshop, you'll make a lot fewer of those same mistakes yourself.  I'm convinced that sharing these principles and creative tools with you will encourage and enable you to be a better equipped, and much more effective, sharer of your faith.  

Giving my workshop in person

After watching the videos or reading my book, if you'd like for me to come and give my workshop in person to your group, please send an email to:

Barriers to sharing our faith

Always start a spiritual conversation in context

Listening - the most important tool we have

Using the word 'gospel'

Using word pictures


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